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Sharing Your Screen
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Zoom Group Chat
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Creating Polls
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Quick Tips:

  1. Start a Zoom meeting using your unique Hone Zoom link. 
  2. Click on the “poll” tab on the bottom of your Zoom screen. Click “edit” to launch the web browser. 
  3. Once the web browser launches, click ‘add poll.” 
  4. Remember to save your new poll. Then relaunch you Zoom meeting and check to make sure the poll shows up. 

Breakout Rooms
See more information on how to create breakout rooms here

Recommendation: Dual Monitor Setup

Moving back and forth through slides, seeing the participants, scanning the notes, reading the chat, etc. and keeping everyone engaged is no easy feat. Here, is one setup using dual monitors, but there are numerous setups that might work best for you!

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