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Pre-Session Survey 

Before sessions begin, we send surveys to the participants asking them to share some basic information (geography, years of experience) and identify a learning goal for the program to help them take ownership of their progress.


Post-Session Surveys

After every session, we share a survey link with learners via the chat function in Zoom. The survey link can be found on the platform. The two post-session surveys are:


Post Session Survey - After each session that isn't the last class
  • Asks opinion of the class, and coach, and asks for feedback
Post Session Post Program Survey - After the last class
  • Asks opinion of the class, and coach, and asks for feedback, then asks for feedback on the whole program.

*Please do not create your own survey or skip this step. If you cannot find the survey link, or it does not work, please use the #coach-sos channel on Slack.


180 assessments

180 assessments are a way for managers to gain insights into their areas of strengths and development prior to the kick-off of a Hone program.  Two weeks before a program kicks-off, we roll out 180 assessments to the managers.  

  1. First, the manager (e.g. participant in Hone training) takes a self-assessment
  2. Then, the direct reports fill out an anonymous assessment for their manager 
  3. Finally, Hone provides each manager with an analysis of strengths and areas for improvement

We measure the frequency of specific behaviors that are all tied to the learning outcomes of the manager bootcamp.  For more on types of behaviors we measure, see here.

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