Before the Class Begins

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Preparing for a new class


Update your profile slide

  • Add or update your “about me” profile slide (build it once then copy it to other places)
  • Update the first title slide if there’s another coach on it. 


Confirm the learner guide is accurate

  • Check to make sure the learner guide reflects the breakout room exercises accurately


[Private Classes] Familiarize yourself with all customizations


[Amplified Classes] Coordinate with your tech support person ahead of time

  • Set expectations on how you’d like them to best support you!  Ex: Breakout room preferences, how and when to share the learner guide, launch polls, send the end-of-class survey, etc.


Familiarize Yourself with our Facilitation Standards and Recording Policy

Be sure you have read, and understand the Scorecard Guidance.  It outlines what our Coach Facilitators are measured by in the classroom.  Our Recording Policy outlines your responsibilities around recording classes. 

Pre-class setup


Maximize your chances of Zoom working

Zoom can be finicky, but these steps, in order, have so far been the most successful for me:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Hone Zoom account in the Zoom app
  • To launch Zoom, use the start class link in the calendar invite or from the platform


Get all your links in order

Before learners arrive, we recommend::

  • Copy the URL for the learner guide from the title slide in the deck like this: “Learner guide: <link>” and paste it into the chat. 
  • Go to the Hone Coach Dashboard and, under Actions, copy the survey link for the class.   


  • If you send it in the chat before class starts, it will be right where you need it when you need to copy and paste to learners.

Note: Since you’re not a registered learner for the class, you will not be able to see the survey if you click this link.  

Set up dual monitor layout

With a two-monitor setup, we use the Google Slides Presenter view.  This creates two tabs: one with the full-size slide, the other with small slides and slide notes.

  • Screen A: I put the full-size slide, zoom chat box, and breakout room box
  • Screen B: I have the presenter view and zoom gallery view (faces).  This allows us to read off the slides while facing the camera directly.


Starting Class


Note: You will not see learner names in your class invite.  You will only see you.  Don’t be alarmed. 


Arrive Early

Please enter the meeting 5 or more minutes early to make sure everything is in place before greeting the learners. Be sure to start class timely by 0:02 after the hour.  If classes are not started on time, our clients’ L&D leaders (Learning Admins) or the learners themselves reach out to our Ops team. Please start all classes on time to ensure a smooth start to the learning experience for all.


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