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Familiarize Yourself with our Facilitation Standards and Recording Policy

Be sure you have read, and understand the Scorecard Guidance.  It outlines what our Coach Facilitators are measured by in the classroom.  Our Recording Policy outlines your responsibilities around recording classes. 


This is an Interactive Learning Experience

Hone’s classes have been designed to ensure that learners have the ability to learn, grow, and to share their knowledge with their peers.  

The role of our Coach Facilitators is to facilitate a discussion, not a lecture.  Please pause, and allow space for comments, questions, silence, and reflection. A good practice is to ensure that you are engaging with learners every few minutes.  


Be Personable

You have been selected as a Coach Facilitator because you have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience.  People love and remember stories, so you should come to classes prepared with relevant examples from your experience.  


Engage Learners Every 3-5 Minutes. 

Keep the momentum rolling with opportunities for participant interaction every 3-5 minutes. These opportunities are built into the session’s design but we want to call them out. Here are some examples:  

  • Use the “raise hand” feature for big groups to ensure people don’t feel like they are stepping over each other. 
  • Pull a few responses from the chat box as necessary to engage learners in conversation.
  • Don’t usurp the conversation.  When debriefing breakout activities, let the learners share and save your reflections and examples for last, or not at all if the learners have had a robust discussion. 


Less is More

It’s easy to run out of time.   If you find yourself running against the clock, feel free to adjust as needed (e.g. it is OK to skip an exercise if it is in the best interest of the learners.  -- use your best judgment).  


Stop Screen Share, go to Gallery Mode

Whenever possible, stop sharing your screen and enter “Gallery Mode” in Zoom (this is when there’s no screen share and just a gallery of faces).  Learners tend to engage more when they can see their peers.


Consistent Answers to Learners Inquiries

Direct all learners to send questions and requests to  support@honehq.com.

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